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    Frequently asked questions

    Do you use GPT and other AI tools?

    No way! We prioritize human expertise. If our experts try to use AI tools, they’re out immediately.

    What if the quality doesn't meet my expectations?

    If something’s off, get a free redo from your expert to make things right!

    How do I pick an expert?

    Count on our smart system to match you with the best expert for your needs!

    Can I chat with the expert working on my order?

    “Yep! In your dashboard, there’s a message section under your order where you can chat with support or your expert anytime.”

    When will I know my order is done?

    You’ll get an email and possibly a phone alert when your order’s ready. You can check it out and download it in the format you asked for, like doc, docs, ppt, pptx, or csv!

    Why pay upfront?

    Your early payment works like a deposit and stays in your account until the work is finished. Your expert gets paid only after you check and okay the final order.”